What's in a Name?

"If you want to be better than average, you have to be different than average."

A dear friend of mine repeated this small piece of wisdom to her children. Considering that the average human being is unhealthy, unhappy, disengaged, indifferent, and mired in debt, being "different than average" seems like a wise choice. I want to say what the average person just isn't saying. And since that same dear friend also encouraged me to start this blog, I used her words in the name.

By the way, Grammar Police of the Internet...it's called parallel structure. So please don't send me any more hate mail about proper sentence structure. The title of this blog is purposeful. Not only is it a tip of my figurative hat to a very dear deceased friend of mine (See? Now don't you feel guilty for your criticism?), it also has a nice ring to it.

But who am I?

I'm Alice Jones Webb, homeschooling mom to four kids, wife, writer, bookworm, laundry sorter, black belt, health nut, nerd, procrastinator, history lover, free-thinker, obsessive recycler, registered libertarian, nature lover, star gazer, closet goth, a bit of a rebel, but definitely not your typical soccer mom.


Anonymous said...

"What's in a Name"?
Now... can you prove that you ARE "Alice Jones Webb"?
Really wanna be 'different'???

Anonymous said...

Leather outfit is "Naughty, naughty, very naughty!", to quote from the song Ebeneezer Goode.