Friday, April 23, 2010

Karate Tournament Update

Well….I didn’t bring home any trophies from the karate tournament this past weekend.

But only because they were awarding medals instead of trophies! And guess who brought home two gold medals…


That’s right. I earned first place in my division for both kata and fighting. The really cool part…

There weren’t enough senior women (I’m seasoned. Not senior. Pppbbbttt!), so I got to fight the younger women. The even cooler part…

No one even scored a point on me. I do feel kinda sorry for those poor ladies who had to go home having been beaten by an old lady like me.

I’m very proud. (Can you tell?) There’s nothing like a tangible reward for months of hard work.

I must mention also, that my 8 year-old son won 3rd place in weapons, 2nd place in fighting, and 1st place in kata. And my dear husband shared in the glory as well bringing home his own gold medals, 1st place in weapons and 1st place in kata. We really rock as a family, don’t you think?

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