Monday, April 12, 2010

What Plantar Warts!

Oh Frabjous Day! My plantar warts have gone away!

Remember my post about my horribly hideous and cripplingly painful plantar warts? The three of them as large as dimes? The ones that hurt so badly they forced me to do jumping jacks on the side of my foot? The ones I had doused and frozen and medicated with every treatment and concoction known to mankind only to have the sadistic warts GROW? Remember them?


Completely gone!

I’m literally doing a happy dance…on the bottoms of my feet…..pain free.
After more than 8 months of fretting and limping and favoring my left foot, I am now plantar wart-free without the help of conventional medicine.

What finally caused the warts to go the way of the dinosaur? You might be surprised at the answer.

I started visualizing them falling off. Each night before I went to sleep and each morning before I slipped out of bed I visualized all three of them shriveling up, turning black, and then painlessly falling off.

Over the course of about two weeks, they did just that. They turned brownish black, became far less sensitive, and then one day…POOF! I actually had been wearing a bandage over them in karate class because I didn’t want to gross people out. (They were black and hideous, afterall.) Last week during class, the bandage started to slip around on my foot and came loose on one end. Not wanting to miss the flow of class, I just reached down and snatched it off. A few minutes later, I inspected the bottom of my foot and…nothing. I’d already tossed the bandage so I’m not sure if the remnants were stuck to it or if maybe they fell off on the mats.

I really don’t know if it was my mind games that cured my persistent wart problem, but I do know that the mind is an incredibly powerful thing. There have been several studies suggesting that mental imagery increases athletic performance.

I’ve used visualization personally to aid in childbirth, gain confidence in martial arts, and improve my pull-up prowess.

The moral of the story? If there is a goal you are striving to achieve…go ahead and picture yourself already there. See yourself at your goal weight. See yourself finishing that half marathon. See yourself climb Mount Everest. Whatever it may be, even if it’s as seemingly insignificant as seeing yourself doing jumping jacks plantar wart-free.

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