Friday, June 26, 2015

Friday Favorites - Part III (Texting, Flags, and Bathing Suits... Oh My!)

Happy Friday!

I admit to spending much of the week hiding from the internet as people spewed all kinds of vitriol at each other. It's been like watching an emotionally charged virtual game of "Capture the Flag", while I sit back and wonder what is really at stake. What real changes happen over the demise of an inanimate symbol? Which side do you cheer for when you think that both sides are behaving like angry little toddlers squabbling over a toy? ("It's hate!"  "No! It's heritage!" sounds a lot like, "It's mine!"  "No! It's mine" when you step back and listen.) Maybe both sides have some legitimate points... but of course no one is listening because they are too busy trying to be right.

Or maybe there are more important things we should be paying attention to. Maybe there are better ways to invest our energy than petty internet squabbles.

But I digress.

In spite of trying to hide from the internet this week, I was still able to stumble across these internet gems. Did find anything really worth reading? Shoot me a link in the comments.

The Texting Dead: 14 Ways We Are More Borg Than Human. Tracy Bennett shares her list of ways that technology has taken over our lives. Is it a drug or a tool? Will it be our planet's greatest hope or its demise? Maybe we should pull ourselves away from our screens, take a look up at the sky, and ponder in our own technology-scarred brains.

Every State Flag Is Wrong, And Here Is Why. Speaking of flags, Alexandra Petri lists the fifty worst state flags in her hilarious article. Definitely a lighter look at the flag issue. Beverage Spew Warning: Put down your coffee (or beverage of choice) before reading. This one is hysterical.

We Tried On Victoria's Secret Bathing Suits And This Is What Happened. I'm sharing this one because I had occasion to feel self-conscious in a bathing suit this week. Lara Parker and the women of the BuzzFeed staff tried on bathing suits and posed like Victoria's Secret models. The pictures are not nearly as funny or thought provoking as the commentary, so you're actually going to have to break down and read this one.

How Siblings Affect Your Success According To Science. This is definitely an interesting read from Dr. Jonathan Caspi. I'll admit to being a bit frightened at the idea that my children may have more influence on each other's ultimate success than I do. I've heard their sibling interactions which are often brutal and physical. Unless they are all hoping to be professional MMA fighters, we might be in trouble. Of course, I'll still be front and center and screaming louder than anyone at their fights. I'm particularly horrible sports mom.

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