Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Good Son

Last night, sometime in that flash of an instant between midnight and 12:01, my firstborn turned 11.  (He doesn't really have a birthday this year since he was born on Leap Day.)  His birthday is also a birthday of sorts for me.  It marks the day I became a mother and my whole world changed.  In that magical moment that he slipped from my body and into this world, both of our lives changed.

Through all of the sleepless nights I paced circles in the living room floor, through years of nursing, sharing sleep, thousands of diaper changes, skinned knees, hurt feelings, major surgery to remove a swallowed battery, and many reminders to tie his shoes and take out the trash, he has evolved into a young person I am rather proud of.  He is a sensitive, caring, empathetic human being.  What more could a mother ask for?  This is the child that carried his younger sister through the homeschool tour of the grocery store yesterday.  Holding her hand because she was frightened to go into the ice cream freezer;  The child that decided not to eat meat for his special birthday dinner, because he felt bad for the animals; the child that reminds me not to waste gas.  When we walk through the woods, he talks to trees, placing his palms on their trunks to feel their thrum.  He loves the stars and stares at the moon.  He paints pictures of dragons and fairies.  He swims fearlessly in the ocean and digs holes in the dirt. He climbs trees and plays with worms. He spent his birthday money on a new bike and a CD of Celtic music (How many 11 year-olds even like Celtic music?).

He is awesome and I love him more deeply than I would have guessed I could.  I am a better person for knowing him.  He stretches me and reminds me to slow down.  He shows me the beauty in everyday things.  He makes me think and challenges me to think differently.  He makes me want to change the world, but at the same time makes me content to stay at home and do nothing.  He is my son.  I couldn't have asked for one better.

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