Thursday, April 5, 2007

A Ruby In The Rough

The hardest part about death is how life just keeps going on, but that's the only thing that makes it bearable.
For the first time, we are a dogless family.  There will be no more poop to clean up off the floor, no more dog hair all over everything, no more costly dogfood, no more scratching at fleas, no more chasing of canines off the more tail-wagging greetings when we pull in the drive, no more ear scratching, no more belly rubs, no more popcorn caught in mid-air, no more clicking of nails on the hardwoods as I'm followed from room to room.  No more dog.

Our 13-year old hound mix, Ruby, died last night.  She was the last of three dogs that we've said, "good-bye" to in the past 7 months.  We got her as a 6-month old pup to be a companion for our other dog.   We had hoped she would be a friend to Buck, that they could keep each other company during the day.  While it may have helped Buck feel less lonely, it didn't stop his destruction of our apartment. They just became cohorts in crime.  Back in August, we had to put Buck down.   Looking back on it now, that's when Ruby's health really started to go downhill.  She seemed to loose her pep and vigor after her Buck dog was gone. 
She was an awesome family dog, calm and patient.  She would sit still while the kids played with her floppy ears or tried to stuff crayons up her nose.  She didn't mind too much because they would share their crackers with her, and she was certain to find an easy meal by patiently waiting under the high chair. 

She may have been an annoying little bitch (literally), but there has never been a dog with a bigger heart. Now she and Buck can keep each other company again.  Rest easy Ruby.

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