Friday, August 18, 2006

McDonald's and Tadpoles

Sshhhh.  All of the children are asleep.

So how boring must my life be that the only thing I've had to blog about this week is squash?  The van is still parked in the driveway....not running.  I hope it will be fixed by the end of next week.  I'm feeling incredibly stir crazy.  It's not that I would even necessarily be going anywhere, but that I CAN'T.  We did manage a trip to McDonald's today.  Had to transport the family in two trips, but we got out of the house!  Who would have thought a trip to McD's would be a liberating experience?

We have some tadpoles that we've been raising from froggy eggs.  Apparently the local frogs think that a rainstorm is a green light to get busy in the kiddie pool.  The first batch I rescued in a large mason jar.  The second I just left in the pool which is now home to several hundred tadpoles.  (Yes, HUNDREDS of the little boogers)  We've been feeding them boiled lettuce.  Watching them actually gives me a warm fuzzy feeling right in my heart chakra.  But boy am I gonna have to scrub that pool when this is all over.  Yuck.

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