Monday, October 20, 2008

Don't Look at my MOTHER That Way!!!

My son, Daniel, is fast approaching 13. In the past year he's shot up several inches and now measures in at a whopping 5' 2". He's had the first signs of puberty peek through in the way of body odor and the occasional break in his voice. My point is that he's growing up and it's going a bit faster than I care to admit.

He's also noticing girls....more and more every day. The boy is definitely heterosexual, but I've known that since he was eight and began lingering near the exercise magazines at the book store. But recently his attention to the female form has evolved beyond just curiosity at gender differences. A few months ago, Daniel got his first lesson in how to check out girls. After being caught down right ogling some young jogging college girls, my FATHER taught Daniel how to be more discreet. It was a fun moment for the two of them, I'm sure.

Yesterday, we went out shopping, just Daniel and I. It was a real treat to be able to spend time with just him. We chatted about politics and the economy and, of course, video games. Then Daniel caught some guy checking me out at the mall. The boy was totally distraught. How dare some one so blatantly look at his MOTHER in that fashion. That's just CRAZY! He told me about it and when I just brushed it off, he got upset. He wanted me to tell the guy off. He was rather insistent that I say something to him. I suppose it is a bit traumatic the first time a young boy realizes that men might actually be interested in his mother in THAT way. I mean, it's his MOTHER for jeebus sakes! And she's OLD

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