Friday, March 16, 2012

Don't Mistake My Silence For Indifference

I tend to keep my political opinions to myself.  Don't mistake my silence for indifference.  I am a voter, and I make every effort to be a well-informed one.  But I don't wear my politics on my sleeve.

With all of the political discussions buzzing around the presidential election that looms on the horizon, there is plenty of snarkiness that I could toss out into the blogosphere.  But alas, this is one ( maybe the only one) subject I manage to keep my snarkiness (at least most of it) to myself.  I just don't enjoy political debate.

You see most people are too emotionally invested.  There's very little opportunity for calm, logical (emphasis on the logical) discourse.  I have friends with vastly different political views, and I can manage to maintain those friendships so long as I steer clear of most politics.  Besides, I can be a bit emotional myself, and therefore find that horrible, monstrous knot that forms in my stomach over all things stressful.  That monstrous knot is not (that could be punny if I let it) my friend.

And...just tossing this out in most every other subject on the face of the planet, when it comes to politics, I find myself well outside the mainstream.  I'm fine with that, but it also means that I'm just not going to see eye-to-eye with most people (and that's not just because I'm short).

So I'm here.  Not sharing my snarkasm on this subject.  Just trying not to stress over all the hubbub that surrounds every single presidential election.  But probably stressing nonetheless.

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