Friday, June 19, 2015

Friday Favorites - The Sequel

It's time for Friday Favorites - The Sequel. (Insert dramatic movie music here.)

Here's the stuff I found on the internet this week that I think is worth your time. I've sifted through this week's internet media garbage to find the good stuff. Give it a read... And if you've found something that you think is worth my time, leave a link in the comments.

Ten Things We Did As Children That Would Get You In Big Trouble Today. Lina Brice pretty much sums up my childhood, including toy guns, dangerous metal playground equipment, and  carefree neighborhood bike riding. Unplug for a minute and reminisce (Well... unplug AFTER you read this article). Is there anything on this list we need to bring back?

11 Questions I Want To Ask Women Who Use the Diva Cup. Melissa Kirsch asks some funny and thought-provoking questions. I'm a fairly environmentally conscious human being. I buy local and am an obsessive recycler... but I haven't been able to take the Diva cup plunge because... well, because of these eleven questions. ( And I'm probably irrationally afraid of my own blood.)

36,000 Kung Fu Kids Star in M.I.A and Gener8tion's New Video. This might be the coolest thing I've seen in a while. The precision. The discipline. The beauty. These kids train like fiends. Makes my kids' morning routine of cheap breakfast cereal, Disney Channel, and chronic whining seem incredibly sub par.

What Makes YOU Want To Quit Blogging. I'm sharing this one because 1) JoAnne Applebaugh seriously shows off her incredible writing skills here and 2) I have this rant in my head at least a dozen times a week. The houseplants are probably sick of my blog-related complaining.

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