Friday, July 24, 2015

Friday Favorites - Bernie Sanders, Weird MILFs, and the 70s

It's been a busy couple of weeks around here full of birthdays and black belt tests (two of each actually). I'm sorry that I've kind of neglected our relationship. Please accept this week's Friday Favorites (cool stuff I found on the internet) as an olive branch of sorts... a promise to try to do better.

Bernie Sanders Recorded a Folk Album. Because who doesn't like a few good folk tunes? They stir a place deep inside of us... in this case it might be your bowels. His stirring rendition of This Land Is Your Land is both terrible and hilarious, but totally legit.

Guess How Many F*cks I Give About Being A MILF. Amanda Parry is brilliant. This one might not be appropriate for reading while your kids or your boss are looking over your shoulder... but it might be worth the risk anyway. Did I mention that Amanda Parry is brilliant? Just checking.

10 Reasons To Embrace Your Inner Weirdness. Because who wants to be normal? James McCrae gives the best quote ever in this one: "Nobody looks back on life and thinks, 'I wish I had tried harder to be like everyone else.'" Be weird. Be different. Be interesting.

Soaking Up The Seventies. If you like seventies music (or even if you don't... although you have to admit it's better than some of the dumbed down crap played on modern radio stations) check out this show. Not only does it contain great music and a DJ with a snappy personality, but also a plug for none other than (insert drum roll here).... Different Than Average.

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