Thursday, September 21, 2006

Secret Things

I've had a pretty boring week, very busy, but nothing worth mentioning here.  In the spirit of trying to blog on a regular basis and since I've already started a whole string of confessions, I decided to post 10 things almost no one knows about me.  I say almost no one, because I don't really lead some sort of secret double life or anything.  So if you already knew something on the list, big deal. 

1. I have an illegitimate half sister that I've never met.  Dad was apparently sowing some wild oats.

2. I am an excellent marksman.  (or should that be marksperson?)  I can shoot a pretty tight pattern with a 30/30 rifle.

3. I have been a big game hunter.  I have pictures of me with various dead deer and turkey to prove it.  This is somewhat related to #2.  Hey, my dad wanted a boy...

4. When I was a child, my first career aspiration was to become a nun.  No kidding.  I just thought the old ladies that taught my CCD were the coolest.  I actually wanted to be a veterinarian nun, but I'm not sure if there really is that variety.

5.  I enjoy saltwater fishing.  I also have pictures of me with 40+ lb. fish of various sorts, like cobia and red drum.  I seriously miss living near the salt water.  As a teenager, barely a day went by in the summer that I didn't wet a line.  (I'm sure that is bad grammar, but what the hey.)

6. I was a National Merit Scholarship Semi-finalist.  That basically means I scored really high on my SATs, but only got a nifty certificate instead of all the scholarship money. 

7. I wasn't allowed to shave my legs until I turned 14.  I still have major psychological scars from 8th grade gym class.  I had pretty hairy legs and 13 year-olds can be seriously mean! 

8. My family was very poor when I was growing up.  My childhood home had no hotwater, was infested with rats that would crawl into bed with you at night, and the toilet would ice over in the winter. 

9.  I am a lucid dreamer.  I remember my dreams almost every night.  I dream in color and often fly.

10. I have a small piece of asphalt buried in my foot from a childhood accident.  You can still feel it.  I never wore shoes as a child and during a game of tag scraped my foot on some loose asphalt.  We weren't able to clean it all out so it just healed over.

There you have it.  I'm such an exciting person, aren't I?

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