Friday, March 12, 2010

Spring Makes Me Itchy

Not because I have some weird allergy, but it's something internal. When the warm weather hits (and thank the gods it finally has!), and the flowers bloom, I get restless. I want to throw open the windows and air out the old stagnant winter air. I want to purge my house of junk (Good will may tell me to stop already with the donations!).

But it's not just with the physical. I get mentally restless. I want to throw open the windows of my brain and let in fresh new ideas and experiences. I want to rid my life of the activities and relationships and emotional baggage that don't serve me anymore.

I guess i come out of winter feeling bogged down and I want to throw my face to the fresh spring breeze and try something new, face a new adventure. It's a cycle. I crave change.

I have a new job. I'm waiting tables at a fine dining restaurant. It's different than anything I've done before. It's intense and mentally challenging, but it might be just what I need right now. It's a new adventure and I can air out the stale dinginess of my current job, which I don't hate but don't exactly enjoy either.

It's a new schedule, too, so I've had to revamp my workout schedule. I'll be missing a night of karate (That would almost make me want to cry if I wasn't so tough), so I'm adding an extra day of weight training in it's place. I can hit the gym in the early afternoon and still shower, and dress, and be to work on time.

The nutrition could be slightly more difficult. At the end of the evening we get to eat. And this food is tres yummy, but not-so-good for me. Last night I had a DELICIOUS vegetable curry, but it was so thick and rich...I know it was far more calories than I would normally consume in a meal.

But I'm excited if not a little scared. I'm ready for the challenge. I think the manager's words to me after our short little interview were, "You're perfect for this line of business."

So bring on spring! Let's air this place out!

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