Friday, September 18, 2015

Friday Favorites - Science Fiction or Real Life, Funny Kid Stuff, and Fortune Cookie Wisdom

Once again, I have scoured the internet to find the most interesting, entertaining, and thought-provoking stuff out there. I really couldn't think of a better word than "stuff", but I've been busy scouring... which I should probably do to my kitchen floor. Kitchen floors get seriously neglected when you are scouring the internet.

And by "scouring" I really mean waiting for cool stuff to pop up in my newsfeed or my inbox, because... let's be honest... most of my days are spent making sure the kids don't catch the house on fire, or spend 10 straight hours playing Minecraft, or make mudpies on my good china, or engage in farting contests with the dog. I'm a surprisingly busy person.

Here it is anyway. Enjoy!

1. What Are We Doing To Children With Schooling? Zak Slayback (one of my favorite out-of-the-box thinkers) gives a pretty accurate description of the American public school system... only when you put it like this, it sounds a lot more like something out of a science fiction novel.

2. YMCA Wisdom. Because after reading Zak, you're probably going to need a good laugh. Thankfully Unexceptional Parenting seriously delivers. You may never look at Jesus or the YMCA or children's motivation the same way ever again. Tissues may be required. Not because of sappy emotional tears, but because of the really awesome tears that come with hysterical laughter.

3. How Kids Wreck Your Life (And You Won't Even Care). Joelle Wisler's feature on Scary Mommy nails those mixed up feelings of parenthood. Kids have a way of wrecking your life while simultaneously making it wonderful. How do they do that? I do so miss the chicken legs, though.

4. 10 Obvious Truths About Life Everyone Forgets Too Soon. Just thought I'd leave you on a deep-thinking, higher-meaning, fortune cookie wisdom, inspirational note. Thanks to Marc Chernoff for reminding us of some pretty big stuff.

I have to run now. I just heard the oldest tell his brother to "Watch this!"

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